I'm thinking about places Rob and I can go on our honeymoon...it's something I want to do. Does anyone have any suggestions? If you've gone on one, where did you go? We're getting married 10/10/10. We'll probably do the honeymoon until spring of 2011.

So far, I thought about Bath, England and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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4x6 photo request for my mission101 goal

Hi, my name is Irma.  I started my mission101 on April 13, 2009.  It will end on January 09, 2012.  I've set 101 goals (like a bucket list)to be completed in 1001 days.  One of the goals I've set is to make a photo collage and/or photo album of random snapshots from family, friends and strangers.  I will accept any 4x6 photo- no naughty pictures.  Family friendly photos please, as they will be displayed in my house. =)  Ideas for photos: landscape, you, your family, pets, sporting events, concerts, tattoos, art, sunsets, sunrises, clouds, etc.  The world is your playground, so you choose.  I prefer snail mail so you can put a message on the back for me with your name, where you live and date.  If not, email is fine with the last three requested details (name, location and date).  If you want me to include a message on the back of your emailed picture, let me know. Please send photos to:
125 Broad Street
Bath, PA 18014



on the subject line put mission101 so I know to open emails from people I don't know. =)

Thank you for helping me to achieve one of my goals.

p.s. feel free to pimp me to your friends and family. =)

Day two for #39

My list

#39 (2/30)
#37: writer_lilies 4/13/09
           fox_bard 4/13/09
           bluesgirly 4/13/09
          ladynorbert 4/14/09
#38 600 grain of rice donated 4/13/09
        1000 donated 4/14/09  (1600/10,000)
#40 Ticket to Ride (mega board) played with user Ibol from France. Final score: 103-57 (I won) 4/13/09
         Ticket to Ride (US) played with user MarxFAn 159-109 (I won) 4/14/09
#16 Lemon Garlic Chicken from betterrecipes.com  4/13/09 yummy!
#24 Stroganoff from Delicious Slow Cooker recipes (1/20) 4/14/09  The family enjoyed it.
#20 Banana 4/13/09 
        Apple 4/14/09  (2/30)
#10 mailed letter. 

I'm not sure how I'm going to do this.  I think I'll just do a daily update on my life instead listing what i've done or doing (mission 101)on a daily basis.  I need some input.  Would a weekly update on my goals achieved and/or in progress goals better than a daily? 

Post Interview...

The drive to the location was nice.  It took me 20 minutes to get there.  Either I drive faster than my honey or the roads weren't busy.  The interview went rather well, I think.  It's a full-time position with an area hospital.  It's 2nd shift.  I don't mind.  The lab manager informed me that only 2 people applied for the position so they're interviewing that person next week.  They want someone who can work independently.  I made sure she knew all the times I ran the lab by myself for 3 months because my co-worker was in the military.  I also let her know I could take apart the analyzers and put them back to together so PMs are not an issue for me.  She said she would get back to me next week after they interview the other person.  I hope I get the position. 

I have another interview tomorrow with another lab.  They happen to be the ones who kept giving me the run around and so far I've interviewed with them at several locations.  The interview tomorrow is at another location I've never been to.  wtf?

I am hoping for the job I interviewed for today.  That would be nice.  =)

Insomnia rears it's ugly head...

I still can't sleep.  I experience insomia from time to time...Do you?  If so, I have a question for you.

What do you do when insomnia hits? (tylenol pm is not working)
  1. I clean, when I feel up to it.  Tonight, I cleaned the kitchen and I sorted recyclables. 
  2. I sorta watched a movie on tv.  Open Range.
  3. I played ticket to ride online. 
  4. I read for a bit.
  5. I chatted with Storm for a bit.  He's not a good conversationalist.  He just stared at me like I'm crazy.  =P
  6. I read other people's blog and commented.

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